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Calling all Newer Neonatal Therapists – A Brand New NANT Pre-Conference Day Just for You!

Let us Guide You

According to the NANT Survey taken in 2011-2012, only 34% of those who responded received greater than 3 months of mentorship as a neonatal therapist. This is an alarmingly low number. And we want to do our part to help.

We can’t give you all the details just yet, but we want you to know this much:

On Thursday May 2, 2013 NANT will hold its first ever pre-conference day and we’re going to use it solely to educate newer neonatal therapists (OT, PT, SLP).

The pre-conference day will be limited to just 50 participants to allow for increased hands on learning opportunities and smaller instructor-participant ratios.

The pre-con day will be led by 3-4 expert instructors. They are incredibly knowledgeable and fun. You will not be bored. Promise.

We’re telling you now so you can prepare. Registration for the Third Annual NANT Conference will open Tuesday December 11th, 2012.

You may register for just the pre-con day or the entire NANT Conference in addition to the pre-con day. Registration for the pre-con will remain open until those 50 spaces are taken. (Our advice – register early if you want a space!)

We believe that providing evidence based education to newer neonatal therapists is a high priority. This is not a substitute for ongoing guidance and mentorship, but it’s a fantastic start.

Hope to see you there!

(And yes, the Welcome Reception will still be held the evening of the 2nd for the rest of you!)