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Busting Myth #1 about Premature Birth

Busting-Myth-1-about-Premature-BirthAs you may know, November is Prematurity Awareness Month.

Since the key is AWARENESS, I considered all the myths I’ve heard about prematurity and preterm infants. The first one I want to dispel is this:

MYTH: Mothers who take care of themselves don’t have premature babies.

TRUTH: In most cases, preterm labor begins unexpectedly and with no known cause. A mom can do everything right, everything she is supposed to do, and still go into preterm labor.

As neonatal therapists, I know you understand this. You see it every day. But the people in your life and community may not. NICU mothers may not!  Ask them. Educate them.

So many of us mothers feel guilty about every little thing. You know – forget to pack a lunch, miss the pre-school play because of work, can’t find the only thing he wants for Christmas or help her pay for college. A million things.

Don’t let this be the first.

Support NICU parents by giving them the facts and language that help them let go of the guilt and educate their family and friends. It’s gotta start somewhere.

Why not with you?