Discharge Guidance on Advancing Nipple Flow Rate

By Elisa Doherty, OTR/L, CLC, Clinical Consultant, Dr. Brown’s Medical Lisa Kleinz, SLP/L, CNT, Director of Education, Dr. Brown’s Medical

The concept of infant feeding and the ease in which expectant parents often predict this process to go is often a very different reality for the NICU baby. Furthermore, the progression of feeding skills is often a stressful topic and …

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Featured Course: When Our Hands Touch Our Babies, Everything Changes

By Sue Ludwig

“Not only did Dr. Smith provide current scientific basis for how we touch infants, but this talk reinforced the need for an understanding of movement analysis as the underpinnings of handling.” – Robin P. Glass, MS, OTR, IBCLC Topic: When Our …

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“Does my baby remember who I am?”

By Suzanne S. Schneider, MS, CCC/SLP NTMTC CNT on behalf of the Neonatal Therapy Certification Board

This remains a common concern among the many parents of infants born during the COVID 19 pandemic. Families were faced with the challenge of limited visitation or isolation due to exposure and/or infection (or the fear of such). Some obstetrical …

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