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Addition to NANT Team Supports Expanding Vision for Neonatal Therapy Education

NANT just entered its 7th year on the planet with no signs of slowing down. Our growth has been steady, intentional, and meaningful.

We have more members than ever (you are NANT), more followers in our global community, more partners with whom to collaborate, more geographical diversity in our conference attendance, and more educational and leadership programs to offer.

So what’s next?

Well, at NANT, we strive to balance growth with structural or foundational stability so that the growth remains supported, solid.

Extremely valuable changes are on the horizon including a brand new NANT website in 2016 (woo-hoo!) which includes a whole new way to deliver online educational content, first and foremost in support of our members, with additional offerings for the world. (And more news to come in a couple of weeks re: live courses.)

In addition to the much-needed website which provides avenues for technological stability and growth, we clearly needed another human. But not just any human.

We needed a team member that could plan, organize, coordinate, and provide direct oversight of the educational courses and programs offered by NANT – a Director of Education to be exact.

This team member had to come standard with some pretty amazing skills to fulfill the following requirements: Master’s degree with PhD preferred. Minimum of 10 years of clinical therapy experience. Thorough knowledge of the Neonatal Therapy Core Scope of Practice developed by NANT’s Professional Collaborative as well as neonatal position papers developed by AOTA, ASHA and APTA. Thorough knowledge of adult education principles, personnel supervision, curriculum development, evidence-based practice, research in the healthcare space, program evaluation techniques, and computer use. Broad knowledge of program management and business. Able to plan and implement instructional programs appropriate for multidisciplinary adult learners, and the ability to relate to professionals of various ages and ethnic backgrounds. Experience with multidisciplinary collaboration in neonatal space. Knowledge of and experience in grants.

And of course, this person had to be fully ‘in’ for supporting NANT’s vision and mission.

To that end we’re thrilled to introduce Jenene Craig, PhD, MBA, OTR/L as NANT’s Director of Education! Adding this level of focus, accountability, and support as we grow our educational offerings is paramount to providing high quality content and delivery that meets the specific needs of neonatal PTs, OTs and SLPs.

And this is really only the beginning. If your career path includes a desire to serve within NANT (likely from your own city/home/place in the world), believe me, we will continue to need passionate, specialized, knowledgeable therapists from all 3 disciplines. Always feel free to share that desire with us – we do keep an active list of NANT members who have ‘raised their hands’ when asked to participate, lead, and/or innovate.

The DEEP and rich expertise we have within our membership never ceases to amaze me. Your unwavering dedication to sharing that expertise for the advancement of neonatal therapy and neurodevelopmental outcomes is both impressive and humbling.

Welcome Dr. Craig – we’re fortunate to have you in our corner championing our vision and mission for neonatal therapists through something you hold in such high regard – education.