Last Week to Register for NANT 11

By Sue Ludwig

As of last week, 10 countries will be represented during NANT 11.

There are two reasons this is important and exciting:

1. Evidence and best practices will be shared with therapists all over the world. That means that no one has to feel isolated in their hospital or in their country. Imagine what is possible over time as we remain connected.

2. When we come together in support of a shared vision to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes for babies who begin their lives in the NICU, there is a ripple effect that positively influences tens of thousands of babies.

That is well worth clearing your schedule, grabbing your coffee, and logging in starting Thursday, April 8th. (Mark my words, someday you’ll miss attending the NANT Conference in sweats or yoga pants.)

We will be cultivating connection with each other, exhibitors and partners, speakers, and poster presenters. It will be simple to find each other in the conference app, create discussion groups, and more. Be sure to join us Thursday and Friday immediately following the event for live toasts and awesome ‘face to face’ Connection Tables where we will all be automatically and randomly shuffled into groups of four. We can’t wait to see you there!

One week left to sign up!

Register here.


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