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2022 Recipients of NANT Excellence Awards and Conference Scholarships

Congratulations to the recipients of the peer nominated Excellence in Research and Excellence in Clinical Practice Awards and to the recipients of NANT’s 12th annual conference scholarships.

Deanna and Sheri – your dedication to excellence in research and clinical practice serve as examples for us all. We need these two vital components of care to advance the science of neonatal therapy and the functional outcomes of the babies we serve. Congratulations!

Jenna and Courtney – Thank you for showing up for the patients and families reflected in the Nicholas Glynn Beischel Memorial Scholarship and the Ann J Beischel Scholarship for Family Centered Care. Your work means more than you know to the benefactors of the scholarships.

Courtney – My mom (Ann Beischel) passed away 4 weeks prior to the day you received this award on stage at NANT 12. She had read your submission and kept it close by since I printed it out for her at Christmas. We will continue to fund her scholarship for years to come.

Sammy and Andrea – We appreciate what you’re teaching us about neonatal therapy in Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa and thrilled that we were able to help you attend NANT 12.

Congratulations to all! Your efforts change the lives of babies and families all over the world.