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2018 Enrollment Dates for Launch: A Revolutionary Leadership Program for Healthcare Professionals

If you’ve been in healthcare for several years (or decades), and have achieved most of the clinical and academic goals you’ve set for yourself, you may be wondering, “Where do I go now?”

Actually, several of you have emailed me that exact question.

You may want to remain involved in the clinical, research, and/or academic realms but you know there’s more. More to give. More to learn. More to contribute. You just need to know the best path without wasting any time.

So where DO you go?

Well, we have a place. A place where you can:

  • Be surrounded by colleagues who are working (and thinking) at a high level.
  • Identify and implement a whole new kind of leadership.
  • Learn the mindsets, habits, and scheduling practices of highly effective leaders. (You can actually get time back in your schedule – promise!)
  • Be supported by positivity, accountability, and camaraderie.
  • Stay connected with the Launch Community even after the program ends via private Launch page and Launch alum dinners at the NANT Conference.
  • Develop new presentation, communication, and project completion skills.
  • Discover the barriers that are holding you back and the strategies that will move you toward alignment in your professional and personal life.

Click here to learn about the details and tangible take-aways included in this exclusive 6-month online leadership program (limited to 20 people max) led by Chrysty Sturdivant and myself. Or read what one of your colleagues has to say about her Launch experience below.

Launch Alum & NANT Member Christy Gliniak, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC
speaking at Science & Soul 2018 Conference in Belgium

“Launch was my first introduction to coaching and investment in personal growth. I had only considered more education or certification to expand professionally up until that point.   
My first impression after leaving my deposit at the NANT Conference was that Launch was an opportunity to be a part of a “collaborative think tank” with people across the country. A way to get involved with something bigger than what my unit could offer at the time (such as research or professional development project, etc.)  
I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was more about becoming increasingly effective in our “genius work”. It was designed for the development of more tools so that we can make an impact with more efficiency, confidence and style.   
Learning to step into a better version of yourself is definitely a process. I love that Launch has become a safe forum of support, ideas and inspiration. It’s so much more than I signed up for!” – Christy Gliniak, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC

*Pricing and registration will ‘go live’ via this same page on April 12th. (NANT 8 attendees please see the NANT Booth for more details.) The 2018 Launch Program runs from July-December.

*You do NOT need to have a leadership title or position to enroll. The content will provide practical strategies that enable you to lead from any position.

*You do not have to work in the neonatal space to enroll.

Chrysty Sturdivant and I created Launch so we can share what we’ve learned through years of investing in ourselves professionally and personally. There is a way to create an aligned approach to all that you’re doing that will leave you feeling less scattered, more supported, and highly intentional. This creates space and productive velocity simultaneously. We can’t wait to get started.