2016 NANT Virtual Summit – Recognizing, Reinforcing and Synchronizing Natural Breastfeeding Skills in the Premature Infant

By Sue Ludwig

Are you on a team or task force to improve breastfeeding practices (and rates) for infants in the NICU?

What is the #1 challenge you’re faced with right now?

Here are a few you’ve shared with us: (thanks for your honesty)

  • “The myth that breastfeeding is more difficult than bottle feeding.”
  • “I’m a feeding specialist in the NICU but I am intimidated to assist with breastfeeding because I’m not yet comfortable with best practices and the latest evidence. I don’t know where to begin.”
  • “We have decent breastfeeding rates but do not have consistent strategies to help maintain this success during the transition to home.”

I think you would agree that the NICU community finally understands the value of breastmilk while it falls a little short on supporting the transition to direct breastfeeding. This transition is a challenge for families, NICU staff, hospitals, community pediatricians, and more. It’s clear that there’s a gap between what we want to accomplish for babies and families and what is actually happening at the bedside.

You’re reading this because you’re someone who likes to improve things. But HOW do you go about tackling such a huge issue? WHO is there to help you?  And where can you begin to learn?

Here’s the good news: that’s exactly what the 2016 NANT Virtual Summit is all about.

Recognizing, Reinforcing and Synchronizing Natural Breastfeeding Skills in the Premature Infant will be presented by Jean Rhodes, PhD, CNM, IBCLC (Speaker) and

Irene M. Zoppi RN, MSN, IBCLC Clinical Specialist for Medela, Inc. (Moderator) on Tuesday December 6th.

Click here to learn more and REGISTER for this free global event presented by NANT and Sponsored by Medela.

We’re bringing breastfeeding in the NICU out from behind the curtain. Hope to see you there!

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