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2015 NANT Conference Registration is now OPEN!

Can you believe it?

It’s anniversary time. We get to celebrate our 5th Annual NANT Conference in 2015!

Some of you have been dedicated participants since 2011. I’ve learned a lot about you…what motivates you to attend, what you’re seeking, what you take back with you and what you do with it. And I’m always inspired.

The video below is really about you. The conference-goers. The neonatal therapists, nurses and more that decide that the act of getting out of their comfortable space and going on an adventure teaches them more than what’s reflected in the agenda. (Though the agenda IS amazing!)

I talk about the TWO CHOICES we all have when providing care to these fragile patients and their families in the video below.

Check it out:

2015 NANT Conference Registration is now OPEN!

I hope you choose to elevate the experience with us in Phoenix.

The best thing is, I get to spend this afternoon with hundreds of you at the NANT Virtual Summit – a very cool way to celebrate AND receive some incredible education.

See you at 1pm EST for the Virtual Summit and remember to bring your questions for the All-Access Q&A Panel!

And don’t forget to check out the 3 ways to register for the NANT Conference. Can’t wait for you to see the topics.