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2014 NANT Virtual Summit – A Free Multidisciplinary NICU Event

Here’s a fact I hadn’t considered:

By the start of 2015 I will have led and participated in roughly 60 hours of Inner Circle Mentoring Calls with the members of NANT (since NANT’s inception).


And let me tell you – I’ve learned a few things about all of you in those 60 hours.

For instance:

You start out with simple questions:

  • What kind of positioning aids?
  • What’s one way to improve breastfeeding rates?
  • How can I get more hours in the NICU?

And then something happens.

Those simple questions bloom into larger discussions. Why? Because it’s rare that the answers are isolated to yes, no, or choice A, B or C. It depends. It depends on the patient population, the culture of your NICU, your own expertise, the evidence or lack thereof, and a many other variables.

We do get to the bottom of things, but with more depth than was posed with the original question.

I’ve also learned that you NEED TO KNOW YOU’RE DOING THE RIGHT THING for BABIES and FAMILIES. Which is great. It’s one of the reasons I love this group so much. You lead with passion and integrity and semi-perfectionistic expectations of yourselves. (And I say that with love.)


You’re tired, frustrated, and exhausted by the endless work you put in and the equally endless roadblocks you encounter along the way. Why does every little project take so long and include so many barriers when you’re just trying to improve care?

I hear ya.

Well, again, there’s no perfect one word answer to that question. But there IS a place you can go to be heard, to receive focused guidance from your neonatal colleagues and have permission to ask the hard questions.

You just have to sign up. At no cost.

Click here to register for the 2015 NANT Virtual Summit where we’ll interview our way through the rough spots together.

(Not based in the US? No problem- you can join us from anywhere in the world.)

There’s no reason to feel alone in all of this. Let us break down some of the most common obstacles out there and give you tangible tools to take back with you the same day.

Click here to learn more.

Can’t wait to talk with you soon!

(I’m guessing that by this time of year your tank is quite low. Let this experience refuel you so you can continue to excel at your oh-so-vital work.)