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NANT Professional Support Network – Are You Part of the Circle?


As I said above, one of your fellow NANT members recently spent quite a bit of time on our Members Only Professional Support Network. She found she was able to give and receive important information to other members.

We can all save each other loads of time and energy by providing answers and asking important questions. There’s SO much knowledge in this group – you blow me away.

One particular time-saving feature I wanted to point out is this: if you want to keep up with a particular topic, but don’t want to check back every single day, just subscribe to that topic and you’ll receive an email notice when someone has added a comment to that topic.

Here’s a screenshot of where that subscribe icon is:

NANT Forum

Subscribing to that topic will allow you real time updates regarding your most recent topic of interest. If you have any questions on how to subscribe to a topic, please email us at

9 pages of content and over 1,100 comments.

Be part of the circle.