It Takes Everyone

By Sue Ludwig

Bassett Hound

It was a rainy, dark, cold morning last week as I prepared to walk the block or two from the parking garage to the hospital. I pulled out my scarf and gloves and headed out into the wind.

I wasn’t alone of course. This is part of the 6:20am trek. Out of the darkness we saw headlights. The staff shuttle to our hospital showed up in time to pack us all in and save us the frigid walk. Yay!

I wanted to hug the driver. His timing was perfect. And he was in a great mood, greeting each of us as we entered.

I noticed how each of us thanked him a little more fervently that day as we exited the shuttle. It mattered to us that he showed up that day. And that he was happy to help us. It mattered that the hospital provides such a service.

And as I watched the ‘herd’ of us exiting the shuttle, I wondered how many of us, as hospital staff, really believe that what we do everyday matters to anyone else. Do YOU as an individual KNOW that you matter?

Because you do.

And we’re going to have some fun with this.

Write to me. In 3 sentences or less, tell me why you matter. At work, at home, in your community, anywhere.


“I matter because I always take extra time to teach families. “I matter because I really pay attention as I feed babies in the NICU.” “I matter because I make sure my kids know someone loves them everyday.” “I matter because I’m the only one in my family who cooks….well.”

Have fun with it. And email your response to us. PLEASE.

We’re going to create something cool with your responses.

Either hit ‘reply’ to this NewNOTE and send us your Matter Statement(s) or email us at: info@neonataltherapists.com. It will take 2 minutes and you may just inspire someone else. You can include your name within your reply or it can remain anonymous.

It takes hundreds to thousands of people to run a hospital well. Look around you while you’re at work today. Who does their work excellently everyday (clinical or not) and could really use a ‘Thank You’ from you?

No one hears this enough.

Make someone’s day.

(And it’s easier to thank someone else than to recognize yourself. So PLEASE send us your Matter Statements too!!!)

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