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From Isolation to Integration: The Integrated Model of Neonatal Therapy

A week from today I’ll be speaking at the NANT Virtual Summit about The Integrated Model of Neonatal Therapy.

We’ve received some emails about this already, asking questions about this model. You’re going to want to listen next week. The integrated model may not be what you think!

If any of this below resonates with you, please be there! (And your rehab manager – if that’s who pays you- may want to be there too!)

As neonatal therapists, does any of this sound familiar?

You want to build your caseload in the NICU, but you don’t have enough hours there for the NICU staff to trust you.

You’ve improved your caseload in the NICU only to get pulled away to other floors, missing important opportunities and patients.

You’re told to ‘cover’ the NICU, but realize you haven’t had appropriate mentoring or education for this highly specialized area.

You finally have all the hours you need, but you have many patients to see and aren’t sure how to schedule them in a developmentally supportive way AND meet department standards.

During this virtual summit presentation I will discuss how moving from a rehab model of service delivery to an Integrated Model improves practice in the NICU, and how it can improve yours!

This talk provides you with 5 critical components of the Integrated Model that will work for you, the babies, your manager, and your department. Therapists are always busy. The Integrated Model will help you be productive, accepted, developmentally appropriate, and sane!!!

(Don’t forget to sign up so you receive the recordings even if you’re at work that day!)