Your Unique Contribution

By Sue Ludwig

Bassett Hound

I meet so many people who have great ideas, practices and efforts only to cast them aside. They claim that ‘it’s not really a great idea’ or ‘I’m sure someone else has thought of this already’ or ‘no one would ever support me in this’.

You have great ideas too. I know you do.

Sometimes we get stuck by thinking that we have to think of something BIG. Something HUGE and earth shattering. Something that will change everything for everyone.

Those thoughts come up and keep us stuck. Because really, who has the time or energy to spearhead global change AND maintain their department productivity standards and attend all of those electronic medical record training sessions?

I hear ya.

But here’s the thing. There’s only one you. Forever. And it takes everyone’s genius to improve things. Especially your genius.

And you probably already know where to begin. (Ask your gut, it’s been telling you for years.)

You don’t have to change the whole world today.

Just believe in your unique contribution. And then act on it.

I bet you’ll change someone’s life for the better.

That’s how it begins….

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You are not alone anymore. You do not have to reinvent every single wheel. NANT and your colleagues are waiting to support you!

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