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Premature Babies Inspire –
First Annual NANT Conference

Systems Create Space

We continue to receive emails sometimes that say, “I haven’t been able to watch any of the Special Topic Calls because I’m always working on those days.”

And if you’re like a lot people, you say, “Yeah, I should really look at those sometime.” And you go about your days and weeks and never take advantage of the incredible education and expertise sitting right there at your fingertips.

All of the Special Topic Calls are recorded (as are the Inner Circle Mentoring Calls) SPECIFICALLY so you can access them anytime from the Member Area on the NANT website. We purposely record all of this education for you.

But still, when do find the time?

This is my challenge for you. (And the only way I get anything like this done.)

Look at your calendar. Choose one day in each month. Choose one hour out of that one day in that entire month.

Write this on your calendar:

STC (for Special Topic Call)

If you use an electronic calendar, set up a reminder.

It’s as simple as that. (Shut your door, bring coffee, make it your time!)

The best part is, you can immediately let go of the energy that nagged at you about how you ‘should really get caught up on those someday”. Once it’s out of your head and into a system, you feel lighter.

Ahhh. Space.