Reflections on NANT 7

By By Carol Loria, President, Education Resources Inc.

As NANT’s Professional Partner for NICU Education, we arrived at NANT 7 with the vision and goal of learning more about the educational needs of neonatal therapists. During our three energizing and inspiring days in Arizona, we were privileged to meet and connect with so many of you. Because of you, we left with much more including an awe of each therapist’s dedication, passion and commitment to the most fragile babies. We met many new friends with whom we will stay in touch. Your energy was palpable and the sense of community was indescribable!

As a pediatric physical therapist, I have been awed many times in my career – a preschooler post head trauma taking his first steps, a child with a severe degree of cerebral palsy achieving enough motor control to blow a kiss to his mommy – but I have never felt this degree of collective enthusiasm.

Based on what we learned from talking with you,

  • We are thrilled to welcome Holly Schifsky to our faculty to teach a new course titled “Baby Beats and Breaths:  Therapeutic Interventions for the Premature Infant with Cardiopulmonary Compromise”
  • We are also thrilled to welcome Lynn Wolf and Robin Glass to teach their two-day workshop on “Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Infancy.”
  • We were also delighted to welcome Amber Valentine to our faculty to teach a new course titled “Treating Complex Feeding Problems: Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers.”
  • And many of you shared the frustrations you face in measuring risk and securing services for NICU graduates; predicting which babies will require services;  how to best prepare babies and their families for home.  So we have asked Bertie Gatlin, our esteemed faculty member, to develop a new course on “The NICU and Beyond:  A course focused on the infant in the NICU, PICU, EI and Homecare setting.”

We enjoyed spending time with Lisa Kleinz, Beth McManus, and Bobbi Pineda whom we are proud to call Education Resources faculty.

For all course details, visit http://www.educationresourcesinc.com/nicu-ceu-courses

Stay tuned for more education updates, continue to let us know of other needs, and share clinical challenges and solutions with your colleagues by posting on our blog: http://www.educationresourcesinc.com/category/case-challenges-and-solutions-for-pt-ot-and-slp/nicu

On behalf of the Education Resources team, I want to extend our deepest congratulations to Sue Ludwig, Chrysty Sturdivant and their dedicated team for their inspiration and support of this extraordinary group of therapists.  It is an honor to be part of this community.

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