Preemie Parent Alliance: A Powerful Force for Good

By Sue Ludwig | 2 comments

As neonatal professionals, you have spent years supporting parents in the NICU. You witness their joy, grief, worry, bonding, and even loss. Personally, after a couple of decades in the NICU, I thought I really understood the parent journey. Then I had the privilege of meeting an incredible group of them all at once. I discovered there was a lot left to learn.

Sue Ludwig and and PPA Founder & President Keira Sorrels

While I was honored to deliver the keynote presentation at the Preemie Parent Alliance (PPA) Summit, I was the one who walked away educated and inspired by the individuals in attendance and the collective passion and power they demonstrate. 

I didn’t want another week to go by without sharing their work with you. In case you’re just getting to know this group, this is who they are in their own words: 

“The PPA is a network of NICU parent support organizations that were founded by and/or are run by a parent who had a NICU experience.  We are establishing a collective voice for NICU families by representing their needs and best interests in all facets of healthcare policy, care guidelines, advocacy, education, and family support.”   

PPA Founder and President, Keira Sorrels also shared that their audience isn’t completely clinical, but it also isn’t “just” NICU parents…these are professionals making a tremendous impact on Maternal Infant Health through their education, support, and advocacy efforts.  Many PPA members have spoken at noted provider conferences such as NANT, NANN, NAPSW, NEO, NPA, INC and Hot Topics.  They also serve on steering committees and workgroups with the National Coalition for Infant Health, the International Neonatal Consortium, state and regional QI collaboratives. 

The ‘powerful force for good’ part I mentioned in the title is evident from the moment you step into their space. It’s palpable. It’s real and sometimes raw. They’re making a national and even global impact.  

The individual stories they shared throughout the summit touched me in a way I didn’t expect. They lingered with me, made me tearful, grateful, and more driven than ever to support infants and families in and beyond the NICU.  

But don’t take it from me. Please take time to check out how each of the organizations that are Members of the PPA uniquely serve the NICU world, and make sure the parents in your NICU are aware of the resources they provide.

Author of “From Hope to Joy”

Connected Forever

Courageous Steps

Graham’s Foundation

Hand to Hold

Holding Tiny Hands Foundation

Instituto PGG – Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros

It’s a Preemie Thing

Lily’s Hope Foundation

MeTwo Books

National Perinatal Association

NEC Society

NICU Helping Hands

Nurtured by design

Patient+Family Care

PreemieWorld, LLC

The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund

The Tangerine Owl Project

The Tiny Miracles Foundation

Will’s Way Foundation

Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation

As you engage with parents at work today, let them know that there’s a whole host of warriors out there fighting on their behalf. They are not alone.

2 comment to “Preemie Parent Alliance: A Powerful Force for Good

  • How do we get Hope for HIE listed? We serve over 3,500 families worldwide whose babies are often some of the sickest in the NICU, and yet seem to be forgotten time and time again. Would love to partner further.

    • Kristie Passage

      Hi Betsy,

      You can reach out to the Preemie Parent Alliance by visiting their website. Thanks for stopping by!

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