What Do Neonatal Therapists and Butterflies Have in Common?

By Sue Ludwig

We have a request. It’s going to sound a bit odd and mysterious. Trust us anyway.

Next week (September 17-23) is International Neonatal Therapy Week or INTW. It’s YOUR week, during NICU Awareness Month and near Neonatal Nurses Day.

It’s your week to celebrate and be celebrated, to step back and reconnect with the roots of your dedication to premature and sick infants and their families.

In order to properly celebrate next week while showing the world what you do in the NICU, we have the following request:

Starting today, please take photos of butterflies and save them for next week. The photos can be of real butterflies, should you be lucky enough to come upon them, or any sort of drawing, painting, or kid-project like the one I found below while cleaning out our storage room last weekend.

What do neonatal therapists and butterflies have in common?

It will become apparent during INTW and we want you to be prepared to shower the world (via social media) with your butterflies.

**Sharing butterfly pics is not limited to neonatal therapists. If you’re reading this it means you have some personal or professional attachment to the NICU. Please begin taking pictures now and join in the fun next week.

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