By Sue Ludwig

Many NICUs across the country have either developed small baby teams or are considering doing so. We’re thrilled to bring you two of the most sought-after leaders regarding this topic to the NANT 8 Pre-Conference.   

Developing an interdisciplinary approach is foundational to this presentation and to the success of any small baby team. This presentation will be a fabulous way to learn how to build that core team from the ground up (among many other things).  

Take a peek below at the timed agenda for this second Pre-Con Session. If your nurse-colleagues have never attended NANT, this may be a great time to bring them along.  

Presenters: Mindy Morris, DNP, NNP-BC, CNS and Liz Drake, MN, NNP, CNS 

  1. What is a Small Baby Program & why have one? – 45 minutes (1:30-2:45)
  • Describe a Small Baby Program
    • Why it is important to develop a program (outcome data) 
  • Describe various models of a Small Baby Program 
  1. Components of a Small Baby Program – 75 minutes (2:15 – 3:30)
  • Discuss the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork and how to build a core interdisciplinary team 
  • Review components necessary for interdisciplinary team education and training for initial program development and ongoing education and engagement 
  • Describe the processes and tools that support an interdisciplinary team and program 
  1. How do all disciplines partner together to provide the best outcome for the infant and family?– 40 minutes (3:30 – 4:10) 
  • Discuss how to maximize each disciplines expertise in the integration of small baby and family care 
  1. Sustainability – 10 minutes (4:10 – 4:20)
  • Describe the necessary components to sustain a successful Small Baby Program 
  1. Questions and Discussion – 10 minutes (4:20 – 4:30)

If you’re interested in attending this presentation and/or Pre-Con Session I, be sure to register ASAP as Pre-Con seating is limited. Click here to learn more about the Pre- Conference agendas and objectives. (Registration Packages 2 & 3 include options to attend Pre-Conference(s).)

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