Improving NICU Practice Starts With Letting Go

By Sue Ludwig

Remember when we used to tape black and white “visual stim” cards inside the isolette because we thought it was a good thing? I mean, we taped them to the left, right, and top of isolette – the babies couldn’t …


3 Ways to Improve Your Communication in the NICU

By Sue Ludwig

“That’s just too many words.” – Jake Ludwig, age 9 One day, when my son was just 9 years old, he came home from school with another yellow slip. The dreaded yellow slip meant he’d forgotten to do a portion …


Specialized Training and Mentoring for Neonatal Therapists

By Sue Ludwig

HERE’S AN INTERESTING (READ: SCARY) STATISTIC: Only 15% of neonatal therapists surveyed in 2013 were initially mentored for greater than 6 months while 36% had no direct mentorship at all. (Sturdivant, C. 2013.) The problem with those numbers? Neonatal therapy is …

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