You Might be a NICU Professional If…

By Sue Ludwig

I wish I was making this up. But I’m just not. Scene 1 One night while on a business trip I was ‘in charge’ of keeping track of the baby doll we use for demonstration during our presentations. She had …


No One Likes a Ball Hog

By Sue Ludwig

If you’ve ever played sports or watched your kids play sports, you know how painful it is to watch someone hog the ball. Especially when it seems so clear that the team thrives (competitively and psychologically) when all the players …


The Only Life You Really Have

By Sue Ludwig

“The days are long, but the years are short.” Gretchen Rubin – author of The Happiness Project Whether they’re your own children or babies you once took care of in the NICU, watching kids grow up is an everyday lesson …

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