Preemie Parent Alliance: A Powerful Force for Good

By Sue Ludwig | 2 comments

As neonatal professionals, you have spent years supporting parents in the NICU. You witness their joy, grief, worry, bonding, and even loss. Personally, after a couple of decades in the NICU, I thought I really understood the parent journey. Then …


NICU Professionals: Will Frustration Win?

By Sue Ludwig | 4 comments

Our family is preparing to move soon, just a short jaunt from where we live now. The move spurred us to purge anything we do not love or no longer use. Turns out, that’s a lot of stuff. While cleaning …


Note To Self: You Are Always Mentoring Someone

By Sue Ludwig

My favorite elementary school teacher, I’ll call her Miss Judy, taught 4th grade Reading. Miss Judy had long wild hair, wore flowing clothes (ok, it was the 70s), and had a huge, wide smile. I longed to just hang out …

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