2017 NANT Virtual Summit: 7 Core Measures of Neuroprotective Family-Centered Developmental Care

By Sue Ludwig

Have you been working to improve neuroprotective family-centered care in your NICU?

If so, does this sound familiar?

A good portion of the professionals in your unit have been on board every step of the way. They’ve kept up with the evidence and practices related to neuroprotective care for years. It’s evident by the way they provide care, advocate for families, and manage the environment.

The other portion? Not so much.

A multidisciplinary developmental care team recently told us they’ve been waiting for years for the ‘late adopters’ in their unit to incorporate the principles of neuroprotective care. It can be frustrating when everyone isn’t on the same page – especially when you understand how deeply all NICU professionals care about the babies they serve.

But here’s the thing: there’s so much to keep up with on this topic and a plethora of others. It can be overwhelming. In our experience, when our colleagues truly understand the evidence, the WHY behind what’s being asked of them, they jump in. (Yes, sometimes even years later!)

Thankfully, Raylene Phillips, MD, MA, FAAP, FABM, IBCLC, is bringing her knowledge and expertise on this topic to you and everyone in your NICU who registers for the virtual summit. She will present Seven Core Measures of Neuroprotective Family-Centered Developmental Care in a way that breaks down this vast topic into tangible components WHILE discussing the principles of adult learning. This will help NICUs better comprehend ways they can improve education and genuine buy-in from all staff. Perhaps that has been the missing piece!

Regardless, you’re reading this because you’re someone who likes to improve things.

The good news is, that’s exactly what the NANT Virtual Summit is all about – 90 minutes set aside in early December to step away from the chaos of the hospital and receive high-level education that relates to something you need.

*New this year – NANT is offering CEUs for OT, PT, SLP, and Nursing. You MUST register as an individual to receive CEUs. If you cannot attend live you will receive the recording. However, you must register in order to receive the recording and must watch the recording and take the test before December 31st, 2017 in order to be eligible for CEUs.

Click here register today at no cost to you!

This topic is foundational for all bedside caregivers. Weaving neuroprotective family-centered developmental care into the fabric of your practice is vital to providing specialized age-appropriate care. Please join us!

Thanks to Prolacta Bioscience for sponsoring this meaningful event. We cannot wait for our Members and followers to learn more about the great work you’re doing.

P.S. If you’ve never heard Dr. Raylene Phillips speak, you’re in for a treat. She is incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, and a fabulous teacher.

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